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Black Forest Home Security Systems; the best in the Colorado Springs area for home theater, whole house music, satellite, central vacuum, security, structured wiring, TV antennas and all your wiring needs!
Black Forest Home Security Systems
Family Owned Since 1977
Serving The Colorado Springs, Colorado Area
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Dave Easley, owner, certified installer, service technician, instructor and a really great guy!
Dave Easley, Owner

We Install Central Vacuums, Security Cameras, Satellite & Antennas, Home Theater and Security Systems for Homes & Small Businesses.

All of our systems can be installed into most existing homes without opening walls. In fact, most of our work is in existing homes.

We do the best work in the Colorado Springs area. Period.

Personal Service is the only kind of service we give. All work is personally performed by the Company's founder, Dave Easley.

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Here is a message from Dave. To listen to it, first STOP the music (the music controls are below Dave's picture) then click on the control below to activate it, then press play to meet Dave. The three and a half minute message will begin playing in about 45 seconds with slow DSL.

For 40 years now, my clients have trusted me to:

1. Custom design their systems around their needs and lifestyle.
2. Select high quality equipment for their systems.
3. Install and program their system properly and professionally, so it does what they want it to do and is easy for their family to use.
4. Maintain their systems reliably.

I take this trust very seriously. My very first client remained as a client until he passed away in 2007 .

Because of their trust in me and the long-term relationship my clients and I forge, I don't need to, and don't want to, sell them things they don't really need just to help my bottom line. I would much rather have them

call and say, "We like what you've done and we want to add to it."

Keep in mind, when you have these complex systems installed into your home, you are not just buying equipment. You are forming a relationship with a company. This company will be in your home, installing, servicing, and maintaining the systems, for many years to come; IF they stay in business. Ninety-five percent of all small businesses fail within the first five years. If you deal with a new company, they may not be around when you need service.

Do you care about who is in your home? Do you know who will be in your home? How many different people will be in your home? Can you trust these people? Do you really want all those unknown people in your home? The most important decision you make will be choosing the company to do work in your home.

With Black Forest Home Security Systems you always deal directly with me, Dave Easley. You know exactly who will be in your home. I have 40 years of experience and expertise to help guide you in designing systems for your home. When there is a problem, you know whom to call. Often, I can solve problems right over the phone.


You can't get this combination of quality, craftsmanship, personal service and attention to detail from any other company. If you are looking for a "bargain price" or the low bidder, look elsewhere. I believe that the best value is high quality and personal service.

I can only provide this unique service to a limited number of clients. I am looking for clients who value the experience and expertise that I provide to them and who are willing to pay for it.

Craftsmanship, quality and personal service always cost more up front but pay you back in the long run with superior performance, ease of use, reliability and long life with minimal maintenance.

My very first client remained as a client with me for over 30 years until he passed away in 2007.

Warning For New Construction
When I talk to homeowners about the quality of my work and personal service, the typical response is, "We want you to do the work in our home, no one else".When I talk to most builders about the quality of my work and personal service, the typical response is, "I can get it done a lot cheaper".

There was one builder who had me do work in the home he was building for himself. In the next home he built, for someone else, he used a cheaper low voltage company. That was quite a compliment to me. In HIS home he wanted my quality work.

You have to live in the home. The builder doesn't. You have to deal with any problems down the road. The builder doesn't. If the low voltage company goes out of business, it is your problem.

Most builders use subcontractors that are the low bidders or very close to the low bidders. Over the last 40 years I have only met a couple of builders whose primary concern is to achieve very high quality. Beware of the low voltage company that the builder uses because they may be low bidders.

Using the low bidder may be OK if they are bidding on pre-engineered systems like electrical, plumbing, heating, etc. For example, you pay the Architect to design the electrical layout for your home. The Architect produces detailed drawings for the electrician showing the location of every switch, light fixture and outlet.


Whichever electrical company wires your home must be trained, licensed, pull a permit, wire it to the engineered design, abide by the electrical code and they must pass an inspection by the electrical inspector. There are still many ways to take shortcuts. "Meeting Code" means that it is the "minimum acceptable", which may not be optimal. A conscientious electrician who takes the time to make recommendations and to do the job the best way will cost more.

Things are very much different with the low voltage work. Low voltage is considered "inherently safe". Low Voltage installers are not required to be trained, licensed, pull permits or pass inspections. Anyone can start a low voltage company and claim to be an expert. You are completely dependent on the company to design, engineer, install and service the systems in

your home without any independent supervision. The National Electrical Code does apply to low voltage but many installers do not know this. What quality of components do you think the low bidder will specify in your system?

It's Not Custom Without YOU
You must be willing to spend a lot of time, sometimes many, many hours, with your low voltage installer if you want to be happy with the end result. I WANT to spend time with my clients. I want to find out what you want and how you want it to work. I want to design a system that will do what you want it to do and will be easy for you to use. I want you to know exactly what you are getting, how it will operate as well as the advantages and disadvantages of that design. If you don't have time to spend with me designing your system, how could it possibly operate the way you want it to?